residents screening policy

Gray’s Creek Mobile Home Community complies with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws and offers affordable fair housing opportunity regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age or source of income.

Vacant homes and lots are offered without discrimination to the first qualified applicant. If our applicants exceed our availability, we will maintain a waiting list and will contact each prospective tenant in chronological order.

Our qualification process includes:

  • Completed application for admittance to Gray’s Creek Mobile Home Community including $40 application fee per each adult.

  • Photo ID showing full name and birth-date required

  • Income must equal at least three times the amount of monthly total monthly rent

  • Employer references will be contacted to confirm income and employment stability

  • Landlord references will be contacted for a favorable recommendation

  • Pets must be approved by management

  • Your application will be declined if you have had any eviction newer than 3 years

  • Prior to moving in, you will be required to pay first month’s rent in full plus a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. A pet deposit may be required. You will also be required to transfer utilities to your name and provide a verification letter from the utility.

Gray’s Creek Mobile Home Community screens applicant's criminal history. Your application will be declined for the following convictions:

  • Felony and select misdemeanor convictions, within the past 2-10 years. A complete list of the offense descriptions and time restrictions available upon request.

  • All registered sex offender or offenses involving sex and sex crimes

  • All abduction and kidnapping offenses

  • All murder, homicide, and manslaughter related offenses

The community manager will notify you within 2-4 business days of acceptance or denial.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!


Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Complete Background + Credit check through Cozy.

  • A Cozy link will be sent to your email address. Fee: $40.

  • Each individual applicant (+18 years) planning to live in the community must complete background + credit check.

Step 3: Submit 3 References

  • Each applicant to provide 3 personal references and their contact information (name, phone number, email (optional). This should include, at least one former landlord and one current or former employer.

Step 4: Submit Copies of 2 Paystubs and W-2’s - Proof of Income/Employment  

  • Copy of last 2 pay stubs or form of monthly income.

  • Copy of last W-2 (Previous year W-2 will be  accepted if applying before April 15th of current year)   

Step 5: Submit Copy of Identification

  • Copy of Passport, Drivers license or State/US government issued ID of each individual in the household.

Copies of all documents must be emailed to

  • Applications are not considered complete until all steps are completed and all documents are received.

Thank you for your application and we hope you join our community!

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