Apply to Live in Gray’s Creek Mobile Home Community

We currently have empty lots and mobile homes available for rent.

Mobile Home Rentals

Homes available vary. We have 2 beds and 3 beds homes for rent. Rents range from $550 to $600 per month. Water, Sewer and Trash is included in the monthly rent.

Lot Rentals

We have lots available to rent to mobile home owners. If you own your own home and are looking to place it in our community, please contact us. Lot rent for new residents are $275 per month for single wide and $300 for double wide mobile homes.

Instructions for applying


Please fill out the form shown below
Name *
Phone *
Your Current Employer Name (please explain if self-employed or other)
How long have you been employed by your current employer?
What is your monthly total household income? Please list as a dollar amount per month. If there are multiple adults earning incomes, please combine into one household monthly total.
Have you ever been evicted? If so, when and why?
Do you have any pets? If so, please list the breed and number of pets of each type.
When would you like to move in?
How long do you intend to live at Gray's Creek Mobile Home Community?
We are able to do showings Monday through Friday 9-5. When is the best day and time to come see the home?
Select the type of home needed
How many adults (18+ years old) will be living in the house
How many children (under 18)
Are you interested in a rental, rent-to-own, or lot rent only? Any other information you'd like to share?
Acknowledgement that I've read the rest of the application process *

Once this form is submitted, if you’re pre-approved and we have available inventory, We will contact you to make an appointment to visit the park.


Our park manager will show you the available home and show you around the park.

If you’d like to move in as quickly as possible, you’re welcome to fill out the Cozy application before you do your showing.

If you’d like to see the home and park first to make sure it’s a good fit before finishing your application, that’s fine too.


In order to maintain a safe community, each resident must complete a background and credit check using an online service called Cozy. Each adult over 18 that will live in the home must complete their own separate background check.

There's a $40 fee per person charged directly by Cozy. Applying to our park is free.

The purpose of the Cozy application is just to verify that what you said in the pre-approval form is accurate. Assuming no major surprises, you'll be accepted. It's just a way for us to make sure we keep the park filled with good tenants.


Once all the steps above have been completed, the application is complete, and we will get back to you within 2 business days, typically faster.


Once you’ve completed the steps above and have received full approval, the final steps are signing the lease and paying the security deposit and first month of rent. We’ll send the lease in an email, which you can sign on the computer. We’ll also send instructions to pay the security deposit online (options include ACH, credit card, or cash/check at Walmart). you may move in.

For applicants moving their home, we will guide you through the move-in permits requires for a successful a same move into our community.



Gray's Creek Mobile Home Park complies with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws and offers affordable fair housing opportunity regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age or source of income.

Vacant homes and lots are offered without discrimination to the first qualified applicant. If our applicants exceed our availability, we will maintain a waiting list and will contact each prospective tenant in chronological order.


In order to ensure a safe and orderly community, we perform background and criminal history checks on every resident over 18 in the park. We have policies that prevent us from renting to any applicants that have the following:

  • Felony and select misdemeanor convictions, within the past 2-10 years
  • All registered sex offender or offenses involving sex and sex crimes
  • All abduction and kidnapping offenses
  • All murder, homicide, and manslaughter related offenses


Requirements for all residents to live in our community include:

  • Completed Cozy application for each adult
  • Photo ID showing full name and birth-date
  • Total monthly household income must be at least three times the total monthly rent
  • Employer reference will be contacted to confirm income and employment stability
  • Landlord reference will be contacted for a favorable recommendation
  • Pets must be approved by management (no aggressive breeds are allowed on our insurance)
  • Your application will be declined if you have had any eviction newer than 3 years
  • Prior to moving in, you will be required to pay first month’s rent in full plus a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. A pet deposit may be required. You will also be required to transfer utilities to your name and provide a verification letter from the utility.